Management Team

Avner Cohen, Director, Co-Founder

Avner gained 16 years of experience in successful high-tech companies. He served in leading positions in 3 startups which were acquired by Telecom giants - Chromatis Networks (acquired by Lucent for $5 Billions), Native Networks (acquired by Alcatel for $55 M), and iamba Networks (acquired by Marvell for $10 Millions). He also worked for RAD and Motorola Semiconductor. Many of the products he developed were deployed by leading companies including BT, France Telecom, Japan Telecom and others. Prior to founding Greenlet he worked for Precede – an investment firm focused on Cleantech, led by Chromatis founders.

Holds an MBA, a B.Sc EE (Cum Laude) and M.Sc BM (Cum Laude).

Nir Marom, Director, Co-Founder

Nir is an entrepreneur with significant business background. Among other things, Nir is founder of "SunIsrael" (a solar energy manufacturer, representative of SunEdison in Israel) and "Insights" (a business strategy consulting company serving clients on a variety of areas such as Strategic guidance, Mergers and acquisitions, investment assessment etc.) Nir has substantial experience in green power through Greenlet, SunIsrael and other related efforts (Fuel cells, hydrogen work and Energy storage) as an entrepreneur and as a consultant. Prior to his freelance work, Nir spent 5 years as a consultant with McKinsey & Co.

Nir holds an MBA with distinction from INSEAD, a BA with distinction in Economics and an LLB both from Haifa University and is a Captain on reserve in the IDF.

Uri Weinheber, Director

Uri, Lab-One’s CEO, brings 14 years of industry experience, most of which in management positions, strategic planning, early stage ventures and business development. Uri was the founder and CEO of VirtualSelf, a pioneering company offering software for unstructured-data real-time analysis. VirtualSelf was acquired in 2004 by TDNet.

Uri held consulting positions in various software and telecom companies, including Netcom Group, TDnet, Teldan, Xerox (NYSE - XRX), RadWare (NASDAQ - RDWR), XMPie (Acquired by Xerox), Ubique (then a subsidiary of AOL), ClickSoftware (NASDAQ - CKSW) and many others. Served as VP of products at Pitango Multimedia, a Scitex subsidiary.

Earned his B.Sc TE in Products Design from Tel-Aviv University (Magna Cum Laude), holds a Lieutenant-Colonel rank, IDF reserves.

Nir Tarlovsky, Director

Nir is a serial entrepreneur and investor who has been serving in various international business development roles since 1992. He founded and was involved in successful companies including RSL, an international communications company, AdsMarket, an international affiliate network, Nielsen buzz Metrics, SurfEU, PSINet Europe and others. During the last 12 years he is serving as a private investor, who invested in dozens of startups and has been involved in the activity from inception till market penetration, registration and large sales. Nir serves as TheTime CEO.