Intellectual Property & Unique Features


Enterprise software allows for seamless connectivity between our central control system, the utility, the appliances and the customer.

Our software brings together all the most important stakeholders in the most efficient and effective way. Greenlets connect appliances to the management system, that system feeds information to personalized web portals for consumers, and utilities send Demand Response event requests as well as collect information from the management system. The system works seamlessly to provide each stakeholder with all pertinent information with just one click.


US patent 8290635 transforms Greenlets into reliable meters-per-appliance

Each appliance has an electrical signature. Greenlet’s patented technology (US patent 8290635) provides verification that the managed appliances are continuously connected to our Greenlets. If the appliance is unplugged or replaced the patented technology would sense it and notify the control system. It saves the need to install a smart meter and allows utilities to accurately quantify reduction.

Greenlet developed pattern recognition technologies, digital signal processing, very accurate measurements of electrical signals, and advanced algorithms to implement this patent.


Appliance recognition algorithms simplify deployment and prevent consumer mistakes

Greenlet’s server automatically recognizes the type of appliance and automatically categorizes it into one of Greenlet’s programs. Each program is specifically designed for a certain family of appliances. For example, the system would regulate the usage of air conditioners in a different way than it would handle dryers and washing machines.

The pattern recognition algorithms save the need to ask consumers about the appliances connected and make deployment easier and simpler. We take care of privacy – the EMS does not publish the information but uses it internally and automatically.


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