About Us

Our Mission

To provide truly scalable energy control solutions for electricity utilities, energy service companies and end users through the development of enhanced software, algorithms, hardware and communication technologies.

Our Solution

Our system helps utilities and aggregators to control power consumption during peak days and it allows consumers to receive a monetary refund for reducing power consumption.
While energy is centrally managed and monitored from the utility control center; installation is based on simple and quick self-installation by consumers.

Our send-connect-control deployment model allows utilities to send a small kit which includes a ("greenlet") outlet, which consumers can plug in themselves, avoiding any legal or financial obstacles. The ‘greenlets’ automatically communicate with the utility’s central management system allowing them to control and monitor power to millions of appliances.

Our management software collects power information, forecasts consumption, notifies customers before peak days, controls power during peak times and reliably verifies actual power reduction and the reward for the customers. Consumers can also monitor and control their homes/sites via a personal Web portal.

While existing "Demand Response" solutions allow for connecting large loads to "Peak Shaving" programs, Greenlet offers a very quick and simple installation model and technology that allows for connecting smaller loads and customers to such programs.

Key Benefits:

  • Quick and simple connection of home/site appliances to "greenlets"
  • Quick and automated connection of numerous customers to central management systems and subscriptions to "Peak Shaving" programs
  • Collection of a large amount of data
  • Ability to process forecast and make "energy-wise" decisions speedily and accurately
  • Connection to billing, CIS, GIS and reporting modules
  • Reliable power reduction and verification of actual reduction in power usage


Background of Company:

Greenlet was formed in September 2008 and started sales in 2010. We work with leading electricity utilities in the United States and in Israel. We also hold partnerships with global hardware and software vendors.

Key Benefits for Utilities

  • Eliminates outages and blackouts via connection to a large quantity of customers’ loads for "Peak Shaving" programs
  • Reduces operating expenses at peak hours and reduces capital expenditure by eliminating the need for building new power plants
  • Improved ROI from Smart Grid implementation
  • Utilities who have not implemented AMR/AMI can reduce a significant amount of power without any need to install new meters and infrastructure
  • Utilities who have implemented AMR can manage appliances remotely during peak periods or let their customers manage appliances via a real-time Web portal. It also allows "TOU" tariffs for specific appliances
  • Utilities who have implemented AMI can leverage the management software and the intelligent outlets to effectively control and monitor specific loads, to maximize curtailment and minimize customer interference. Greenlet units can work through the Internet or communicate with meters through Zigbee
  • Increases uptake of small-load "Peak Shaving" solutions


Key Benefits for Customers

  • Incentive payments are made to customers for participating in "Peak Shaving" programs
  • Ability to easily control and monitor energy consumption at home or on site via the Web and/or via a mobile device
  • Real- time and historical power consumption data can help reduce the electricity bill
  • Easy to use automated system which does not require professional installation



Our multi-disciplinary team is comprised of hi-tech, energy and business veterans who have worked for a variety of internationally acclaimed companies including: Chromatis (sold to Lucent for $5B), Native (Sold to Alcatel for $55M), McKinsey, and 888 holdings (values at half a billion dollars), Amdocs, Arcadian Networks etc.

Why Greenlet?

Greenlet is a small Green songbird.
The Greenlet™ name combines two important concepts in energy control:
Green – representing clean technology for sustainable power usage
Outlet – a socket connecting appliances to a power supply